Decoding the digital look book

In its traditional sense, a look book is a printed collection of images to show off a fashion line. I guess this could or could not liken a look book to a catalogue or magazine.

But with look books going digital these days, designers can add movement and music.  I guess this could or could not liken a digital look book to a music video or a television commercial.

Funny how the lines blur like that!

Take, for example, Lanvin’s Fall 2011 collection for H&M.  This commercial, to me, is a look book:

Also consider this video for LRG Clothing’s Summer 2012 collection, which reminds me of a music video:


I have a soft spot for creativity that pushes art to new boundaries but retains an homage to its origins.  I guess that’s why I love this Prada look book for Fall 2011.  It’s an odd little bit of filmmaking, but some of the digital tricks make the clothes and the models seem like paper dolls, which brings to mind the original paper format of the look book.

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One Response to Decoding the digital look book

  1. I absolutely adore that Lanvin for H&M ad! But, I have found that I love Lanvin ads in general lately– I’m still obsessed with the one for A/W 2011!

    They’re both completely strange and very fun (and they somehow make me think of Alber so vividly!)

    Thank you for your post! You found such great examples, and such a variety!

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