Honor Thyself

So what do you give the designer who has everything: name recognition, luxury status, career longevity, runway shows…?  A museum, of course!

For someone whose passion is studying the history of dress, the Valentino Virtual Museum represents a remarkable achievement in online collections management.  Through a downloadable app, users can “visit” the online museum, exploring different galleries and viewing samples of Valentino’s collections throughout the decades of his career.

As a fashion historian whose career goal is to work as an archivist for a contemporary fashion house, this venture is exemplary of the progress made in the online collections management field as well as reflective of the public’s desire to be more attuned with the works of their favorite designers.

I am accustomed to seeing fragile pieces stored in museums, from the earliest extant garments we have to 20th century pieces that are groundbreaking in some way and deserving of preservation to mark a change in the art of fashion for future generations.  But Valentino is unabashedly placing himself in the annals of fashion history—which, although a little pompous, is exactly where a successful living designer should be.

If you would like to download the free app, you can do so here.

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One Response to Honor Thyself

  1. What better way to celebrate a person’s work than a museum. Its brilliant! I’m downloading app as we speak!

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