Fashionably Late 2012-1776

Howdy!  I tackled a different sort of project the last couple of weeks: a short film!  After two grueling semesters studying fashion forecasting (which I still love, BTW), I wanted to do a special project about fashion history.  So I gathered up some of the costumes I’ve made and put together a montage all about dressing.  I went as far back as my 1770s robe a la francaise and ended with one of my newer dresses, an Alice and Olivia frock from 2011.  In between, you have my 1810s embroidered white lawn dress, my 1854 evening gown, the new 1912 evening gown, and a 1920s full-skirted dress.

I hope you enjoy!

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10 Responses to Fashionably Late 2012-1776

  1. Your use of the clock going backwards and all the garbs from each generation was a perfect introduction to your time pieces. And by the way, you have done a fantastic job with the wardrobe. I can hardly sew a seam, therefore thinking of the time and efforts that went into making those garments just blow my mind. I’m glad you also included the complexities that came with getting dressed with each outfit (and here I am, complaining about what pair of sweats I want to wear to the gym!!).


  2. I really enjoyed your project! So unique and informative. Fashion is constantly keep coming back to previous decades for inspiration, therefore knowing fashion costume history is very important. Some of the dresses you put together had so much additional padding and layers for volume which is totally opposite for what we strive now – to appear skinnier.

  3. I really enjoyed your project! It amazes me how far fashion has come today, and I like that you are so inspired by the history of it..Everything was well put together!!!

  4. meg hayes says:

    Wow! I am drooling at your costumes! Loved how you pinched your cheeks in the video too…vintage rouge! Also amazed at your ability to execute the hairstyles. So cool!! Excellent job!

  5. Taylor says:

    Love this! You are so cute!

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  7. Love LOVE LOVE the video! I’m so thrilled that you’re blogging now!

  8. Jay Ragan says:

    Beautiful, beautiful work! One of my LJ acquaintances linked to your blog. 🙂 Pretty sure we’d get along great – costumes and Siouxsie and the Banshees? What’s not to love?!

  9. Cathy Hay says:

    Beautifully done, Leia!

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