I just returned from another terrific Costume College.  I’m refreshed and teeming with grand costuming plans for next year!  Write-ups on what I made and wore in the coming days as the photos begin to trickle in.

But until then, I’m happy to plug some speaking engagements I’ve got lined up for the fall:

Thursday, August 8, 6:30 P.M.: An Acquisition of Higher Delight: The Pursuit of Beauty, 1790-1820.  I will be giving a presentation at the Morris-Jumel Mansion on early nineteenth century aesthetics.  This overview on style, cosmetics, hairstyles, corsets, gowns, and accessories precedes a Regency Dance Workshop the following Saturday.

September 28: Costume Society of America Northeastern Region Symposium, Lowell, MA.  I will be presenting my paper Being in Two Places at Once: The Paradox of Authenticity in the Historical Costumer Subculture.

October 5: Fashion: Now and Then: Meaning, Media and Mode, LIM College, New York, NY.  Another presentation of Being in Two Places at Once, this time a little closer to home!

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3 Responses to Booked!

  1. Lisa VandenBerghe says:

    How exciting! I wonder if I could drive down to Lowell… I’m going to check into it. Go you!

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