Vintage styling with contemporary clothes

Every December, the MTA rolls out vintage subway cars on Sundays, and you can catch a ride on one along the M line.  This year, I was so lucky to hear about an underground (literally!) party and knew I wanted to join the fun.  I didn’t even bother bringing out any of my early twentieth century costumes because I was still wrapping up term papers due this week.  But I “shopped” my closet and came up with a decent vintage look.


What I’m wearing: JCrew sweater reminiscent of Schiaparelli’s bowknot sweater, Anthropologie’s Train Station skirt, Chelsea Crew oxfords, dark seamed stockings, vintage purse, and a 3-for-10-euros beret bought in Paris.


It wasn’t so cold that day, so I threw on a capelet from New York & Co. for outerwear.  My hair is too long for good vintage styling, so I twisted it in a low side ponytail.


Not too shabby for being pulled together last-minute!

I’m so glad we found the party, which was held at the 2nd Avenue station.  Live music and dancing right on the platform!  An MTA worker was so nice and caution-taped us off but didn’t break up the party at all.


ImageThen the vintage train arrived!  It stayed in the station a few minutes, giving us some photo ops.  The cars I saw were built in the 1930s and the interiors dated to the 1940s.  The ads and posters ranged in date, going as late as the 1960s.Image  ImageImage


Encouraging violence on mass transit. A sign of a different time!


ImageThe whole party moved into the train–including the band, who played throughout the ride.  It was the best crowded subway I’ve ever been on.  Such fun!


You can just make out the scroll of the double bass in this photo.


I hope this party happens again next year!

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3 Responses to Vintage styling with contemporary clothes

  1. bauhausfrau says:

    Ah, it looks like such a good time! Thanks for posting pictures of it.

  2. Cathy Hay says:

    That’s so cool! You look like you had so much fun!

  3. jen thompson says:

    That looks like such a fun party! Thanks for posting about it!

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