Millinery Through Time in Williamsburg

I’m a researcher.  I’m a costumer.  But a photojournalist I am not.

I do have the best of intentions when it comes to posting on my blog, but I always think I’ll get around to taking pictures later, when I’m at an event, fully dressed up.  But then I get swept up in the moment and photos end up not happening!

I just returned from a fantastic stay in Williamsburg, where I attended the Millinery Through Time conference.  My academic side was so satisfied with all the wonderful presentations.  I feel so inspired to continue with some of my eighteenth-century research!

I also satisfied my costumer side by doing a little dress-up.  There was a costume contest during the opening night reception, so several of us dressed up in our favorite historic dress.  I didn’t get many photos, just a silly selfie and a couple of borrowed images from the web, but I did win the contest!  Holy cow!  I’ve totally leveled up as a costumer now!


A silly selfie with the talented Lisa VandenBerghe.


And some more silliness posing with a robe a la polonaise created by the Margaret Hunter Millinery Shop, very similar to what I was wearing.


So many power bloggers there! Thanks to A Fashionable Frolick for the photo–seen here with Ashley of A Fashionable Frolick and Aubry of A Fractured Fairytale.

I also wore my new white robe a la francaise on our last night there.  I’m so excited to share some new construction details with you, but it will have to wait.  Just before our photo session, there was a little…accident…involving chocolate pudding on white silk satin…I think the dress will be OK, but a writeup will have to wait!

In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of the dress:


Thanks to Maggie for the photo, taken at the Francaise Dinner 2014!

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