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Halloween at the Met

It was a most delightful Halloween this year!  The Metropolitan Museum of Art hosted an event called “Death Becomes You” to coincide with its Death Becomes Her: A Decade of Mourning Attire exhibition.  They invited historical costumers to come dressed … Continue reading

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Beetle wing embroidery: the design and accompanying goldwork

When English colonists settled in India and saw the beautiful Mughal court embroideries featuring the wings of jewel beetles, they were captivated by the use of this most unusual material–and beetle wing embroidery became its own “thing.” To traditional Indian … Continue reading

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Historical Beetle Wing Embroidery

There is nothing like not being able to sew that makes me want to sew!  During the school year, I have precious little time for anything other than work and research, and to add fuel to the fire, all of … Continue reading

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The Little White Dress

There is so much good costume research being done out there!  If you haven’t yet noticed Sarah Lorraine of Mode Historique‘s month-long blog series about the chemise à la reine, fret not: April has just begun.  Every day this month, Sarah … Continue reading

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Millinery Through Time in Williamsburg

I’m a researcher.  I’m a costumer.  But a photojournalist I am not. I do have the best of intentions when it comes to posting on my blog, but I always think I’ll get around to taking pictures later, when I’m … Continue reading

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18th century hair! Menswear through the ages!

Happy New Year! I’m on a blessed break between semesters and slowly chipping away at some sewing projects. Nothing to show off yet! But just because I don’t have something new to share doesn’t mean that I can’t promote the … Continue reading

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Vintage styling with contemporary clothes

Every December, the MTA rolls out vintage subway cars on Sundays, and you can catch a ride on one along the M line.  This year, I was so lucky to hear about an underground (literally!) party and knew I wanted … Continue reading

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